Drawing with Johnny:

Step by step instructions to help guide your kids as they draw!

Learn how to draw Mario Brothers characters!

Easter Bunny and Springtime Scenes!

Baby Yoda!

Drawing with Johnny teaches us how to draw Baby Yoda! What will your Baby Yoda be doing and thinking? Will your Baby Yoda be drinking tea!? Or exploring a new land!? Maybe your Baby Yoda goes on multiple adventures and you can create an entire Baby Yoda comic book!

Leaping Leprechaun!

Did you know that Leprechauns hide pots of gold at the end of rainbows! Draw your very own leprechaun and then go on a treasure hunt together! You may not find a pot of gold but there are many other treasures to find out there!

Seaside Seascapes!!

Sit alongside Johnny as the seashore and imagine all the things you’d see! Do you see a whale in the distance? Or a pirate ship!? Is the shore covered in starfish!? What does your beach look like?