Kitchen Science:

Follow along with Miss Karen in the kitchen and learn what scientific discoveries have been hiding in your cabinet all along!

Bubbling Density Concoction!?

Floating Paper Clips!

Colorful Chemical Reactions!

Rainbow Clouds!

Hot & Cold Water Fountain!

The Power of Air!

Water Balloons in Water Bottles!

The Burping Bottle

Inertia Egg Drop!

Rising Waters!

Centrifugal Science!

Science or Magic? Try out these awesome water tricks!

Underwater Volcanos!

Fireworks in a Jar!

Experimenting with Salt!

Make Your Own Bubbles!

To make the bubble solution: 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 cup of warm water….mix together!
Let your solution sit for a few hours……the bubbles will be stronger!!

Elephant Toothpaste!

Making Lava Lamps!

Experimenting with CORN STARCH!

Milk & Mentos!

Soapy Science!

Watch what happens to the pepper when we pretend it’s germs!

Make A Water Fountain!

Traveling water!

EGGellent EGGperiments!

Discovering Density!

Explore the Science of Water and Oil!

An Explosion of Fun!

Skittle Science Experiment! Watch the Rainbow!

Making Magic Bags!

EGG DROP - Can You Keep Your Egg From Breaking?

Liquid Kaleidoscope

Making Magic Potions!