The Mystery Box:

Out of the box fun with our SCC teachers!

Head to Toe Dance Party with Miss Hannah!

Let's DANCE with Miss Hannah!

Learn to Play Cats Cradle!

Movement Game Time! What's Going On?

Move and Groove with Ms. Hannah!

Leaning Tower of Legos!

Mystery Bag Game!

Make a Backyard Obstacle Course!

Dancing with Ms. Hannah!

Make Mario out of LEGOS!

Is This Your Card?

Learn this card trick and wow your friends and family! 

Timed Game Challenges!

Challenge yourself or a friend! The real race is against the clock! You need a timer and objects from around your house! Watch to find out what fun has been hanging around this entire time! 

LEGO Challenge! Build A Car!

Make A Paper Plane!

Lego Boats! Will They Float!?

Let's Dance, Move and Groove with Miss Hannah!

5 Min Mason Challenge! Build a Lego Robot in 5 Minutes!

Adventure to the beach with Miss Dina and Miss Shana!