Another Pocket

Posted November 18, 2016
By karen

As educators we must give children another pocket to put things in.”  – Reggio Emilia educator

What does this mean to me as an educator at SHED Children’s Campus?

  • *All children are capable – we, as educators, need to find ways to meet them at their level.
  • *An educator’s role is to sustain the child’s potential.
  • *Children are the active constructors of their knowledge.
  • *Children have the right to try – without knowing the answer.  They can find strategies & other possibilities.
  • *Educators should leave children time to make errors without being corrected.
  • *It is our job to open different windows for children to look at life through.

I believe that when we work alongside the children, experience & knowledge come together.  It is not top down learning but learning together that creates an environment of growth & exploration.