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Summer 2019

Happy Summer! Please find all upcoming notices listed below.

– SCC summer programs will begin on July 8th.  Be sure to sign up now.

– Summer programs end August 23rd.

– Kid’s Club is closed on August 26 & 27.  Kid’s Club opens with the first day of school on August 28.

– SCC is closed on August 30th and Labor Day (9/2).

– Nature is one of our five foundations for learning and as the seasons start to change we want your little one to be prepared to play outside. Please make sure to pack your child the appropriate weather gear for heading outside so we can support their natural love of being outside & exploring the elements. 

Below is a helpful weather/clothing guide to help treat each daly like a Forest Day.

– Please keep in mind there is a 30 day notification policy to change your child’s schedule and adjust tuition fees. 

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