SHED’s Annual Community Gift Drive

Posted December 6, 2022
By Shed Children's Campus

SHED’s Annual Community Gift Drive

Teaching the Importance of Community in Practice

We chose Community as one of our pillars because of a fundamental belief that, as humans, we are at our best when we are connecting and serving others.

In big and small ways, we can all make a positive impact on our communities – whether these communities are within our walls or across oceans.

One of the ways SCC has been making an impact on communities is with our annual holiday Support-A-Family gift drive.

“I want to help families. I also have a lot of fun helping people who need help.”

The SHED community has been collecting gifts for families in need for over 15 years.  

We use this drive to assist families in our SHED community as well as families in the greater Lawrence area.

Each classroom embraces a family’s wish list for the holidays – providing gifts & kindness over the holiday season.

The children here at SHED are able to take part in this community effort in a few different ways.

“It feels nice to help people in the community.”

They are able to help with the passing out of flyers, setting up a table to remind families about the gift drive with smiles and hot chocolate & they are able to baking cookies.  

They are able to chat with their teachers and friends about the importance of helping others and how they can pitch in.

They are able to shop with their families and help pick out gifts for the drive.

At SHED we continue to look for new ways to have the children take part in supporting others in their community.

“I do this because I want to make other kids happy.”

Experiencing the magic and joy of giving transforms us and in return also transforms the world around us.