Why The Spiral?

We chose a spiral as our logo for the connection is has to nature and the beautiful symbolism it poses for personal development and growth.

As children development they begin to learn more about themselves, the world around them and their place in it.

At SHED we recognize the exponential potential community involvement can have on a child as they begin to navigate the world they are exposed to and begin to understand their place within that world.
We believe that by exposing children to a world in which community is prevelate, giving back is valuable and working together is essential, will help children gain the courage they need to grow outwards rather than inwards.
This outward growth is what helps them develop strong connections to themselves, their friends, their community and the world.

Growing Our Community

Our Garden

We are so grateful for our gardens as they provide endless opportunities for bringing people together. 

We have volunteers from all over that help us prep our beds and get the garden ready for the kids to plant seeds. The children then work together to care for the garden and harvest the crops!
After a harvest the children work to host friday farmers markets during parent pick up.

It is truly amazing to see all the love that is put into and that comes out of our gardens.

Picture of the front of the SHED building and garden

Our Events

Some of our favorite events we've hosted on our campus.

Chefs In The Garden

Bringing together chefs from local restaurants to work with the kids in the garden, teaching them about cooking, nutrition, and food.

Fall Fest

Food, games, and different fall activities organized and promoted by the kids. Everybody is welcome!

Giving Back

One of our core values and SHED Children’s Campus is teaching children the power of giving to a cause that is larger than themselves. 

Our children are constantly coming up with ways to give back. Over the years, we have gotten familiar with both planned fundraisers, and how to help facilitate spontaneous kid-driven acts of giving. 

Our Community Partners & Friends