Blessing Bags

Posted November 21, 2016
By dina







Our Kids for a Cause group recently worked on a project to help local people in need.  We are excited to share this project with you!

Hello Everyone!!

This is Holly and Connor and we are here to tell you about the Blessing bags we just made!  Now, you might be wondering what Blessing bags are.  The bags are 1 gallon ziploc bags filled with items people might need on a daily basis..  These items include socks, gloves, water, granola bars, toothpaste and toothbrushes, tissues, chapstick, etc.  We had a great time assembling them.  A total of 20 bags were put together.  Each one is going to someone in need.  To get all of these items, we did two things.  First, we had a bake sale.  From the bake sale, we raised nearly $200!!  With that money and some donations from families, we were able to provide these bags.  Thank you to all of our families for your support!  It is awesome to work together to give back to the community.

Holly Smith and Connor D’Angelo