Children & Meditation

Posted December 15, 2016
By dina

The art of meditation is so simple yet its benefits are so great.

We are now very happy to have a dedicated area for children & staff to practice meditation.

Teachers have begun taking children to the room to just “be”.  They sit on meditation cushions or recline on the floor,  They are quiet, they breathe, they find a few moments of peace in their day.

It is good for body & mind & “heart”.

I talked with one of the children after meditation & asked her about her experience with the meditation group.  She let me know that they all find a space to “just be quiet”.  She shared that it is “fun to stop” and let your thoughts “drift off”.

So, take a moment when you can – find a quiet spot – close your eyes – breathe deeply – just be.  Even just a few minutes of meditation can change your energy, your mood, your day, your life.

Just breathe.