Embracing the Culture

Posted November 8, 2017
By Shed Children's Campus

The sun came out today in Reggio & we were so happy to see & feel its warmth!

We began the day with a lecture on finding the connections in the environment that will support children’s thinking – so much great information.

We were then very happy to have the afternoon off to explore Reggio! We met some fantastic educators who joined us on our afternoon journey. Melissa & Sandy, we are so happy you spent the day with us and became a part of our “community”.

So we tried to follow the wisdom of a local – window shop in the afternoon- stop for a gelato – do some actual shopping – go to dinner & then walk some more.

We are happy to report that we feel we succeeded! It was wonderful to walk amongst the people of Reggio, be a part of their community & enjoy all the city has to offer.

We are feeling very lucky today!