Everything Is Learning

Posted July 19, 2018
By Shed Children's Campus

Today we were lucky to visit the most amazing school at the Loris Malaguzzi Institute.

The mentor teacher that introduced us to the school said to us, “Everything is learning.” I realized, as I wrote those words in my journal, that the statement would stick with me for a long time. It is a statement so true in its simplicity.

Please let us share a few ways we learned this is true.

We listened as George (a fellow learner) explained a lesson from his physics class. We asked questions & we learned.

We watched a school community set up its lunch area. We marveled at its homelike feel & we learned.

We observed two small children completely connecting while playing a peek-a-boo game. We smiled at their friendship & we learned.

We traveled unknown roads side by side. We got lost & then found & we learned.

We tasted brand new foods. We disliked some, loved others & we learned.

We extended our breakfast, lunch & dinner tables to strangers. We began new friendships & we learned.

We were taken by the hand of a young girl to hold a strange bug. We held out our palms & we learned.

We came here to embrace a culture & philosophy. We listened, shared, laughed & we learned.

Dina. Ann, Maddy, Julie