Experience the Wonder!

Posted November 7, 2017
By dina

The last time I visited Reggio Emilia for the study tour, a statement I heard played over & over in my head – “As teachers we must experience the wonder with the children.”

This sentiment or mantra is so important to our time with children.

Today at the institute we were lucky to experience that wonder ourselves.  We were given the opportunity & freedom to explore the Crossborders artelier.

Our materials were natural objects (rocks, flowers, sticks, etc.) and  recyclable objects (transparent plastic shapes, cardboard rolls, sheer cloth, etc.).

Our tools were flexible lights, web cams, infared cameras & projectors.

It was exciting to experiment with the materials & all of the possibilities they presented as we moved, adjusted & merged all together in many kinds of ways.

We shifted the lights, colors, & objects. We added our bodies into the tapestries of light! We became one with our explorations & then we explored more. We PLAYED!!!

It was such a privilege to experience the wonder and joy. We look forward to sharing this joy with the children.

Dina, Ann, Julie & Maddy