Let it Snow!!!

Posted November 30, 2016
By dina


Do you remember that feeling, as a child, when you saw the first snowflake of the season?

Did you run around excited – looking for your mittens – ready to make a snowman?

I think most of us did!  We loved snow & all of the fun that came with it!!!img_2021

Did that change as you got older?  For some of us it did.  Why does it change?  Do we stop seeing the beauty & instead dread the shoveling & the long commutes?

How can we feel the wonder again & make sure our children continue to feel that wonder?  How can we embrace the season with our children who still look wide-eyed at the falling snow?

Let’s try something new this winter season: the next time we see the snow – take a moment – take a few breaths – invite our children to gaze out the window with us – step onto our front steps, tilt our heads back & let snowflakes fall onto our faces & tongues.  If we have to head into work, let’s try to take just a moment to toss a little snow with our child before we begin our commute.  If we can spare a half hour, let’s put on our snow gear & just PLAY with our children in the snow. Then we can head back to our commutes, our jobs, our adult responsibilities & maybe we will be heading into those duties with an extra touch of joy in our hears & minds.

We live in New England. We experience snow every year – some years more than others.  Let’s try to jump back into our childhood mindset & experience the wonder of the snow & the season with our children – even if just for a moment.  That one moment can change the energy of our experience with winter.  That energy transfers to our children – they learn from our actions & we can create with them a lifelong love of this season.

Let it snow – let it snow – let it snow!