Our TOPS Friends

Posted March 13, 2017
By dina

SHED Children’s Campus is fortunate to collaborate with TOPS program in Andover.   TOPS is a Transition Opportunity Program that serves young adults with disabilities, setting up vocational opportunities throughout the community. Our connection began with Maria Savord, who chose a career working with children. During her years at TOPS, Maria did her vocational internship here. She now is a part of our team, working with the Springboard and Kindergarten children.

The TOPS students come on a daily basis, completing various jobs that support our programming. We have three students who are part of this team: Josh, Victoria and Ian. You might find them preparing snacks, restocking supplies in classrooms, managing recycling or helping maintain our grounds (gardening and landscaping). The children love interacting and working with the students.

Jimmy, another TOPS student, recently began an internship with us, working with the 4 year old preschool program. Jimmy has worked with elementary and middle school children in the past. He is looking forward to sharing his interests with the program such as soccer.

The students bring positive energy and role modeling to our children….we are fortunate to have each of them. We are grateful for their contribution to our program!!!