Full Day Kindergarten

Reggio Emilia Inspired Kindergarten

Children must be entering kindergarten this fall. 

Our Kindergarten program will be a model that prioritizes social and emotional development, compassion, empathy, and collaboration as well as aligning with our 5 pillars: the Reggio Emilia philosophy, community, mindfulness, our gardens and nature.

Using the community space of the SHED Children’s Campus, the children will be given the time and space to actively explore, engage, and learn indoors as well as out. Guiding children’s learning development as individuals will also be paramount. Creativity, tinkering and imaginative play will be embraced as well as the development of important content curriculum by using the Massachusetts Department of Education standards as a roadmap.

Documentation of the individual child and group learning will be used as an ongoing form of assessment. 

Full Day Kindergarten Educator:

Julie Poley

Over the last 22 years, Julie has held a variety of positions at SCC: lead teacher for children ages Kindergarten through fourth grade, lead teacher for the Junior Adventures summer program, and movement teacher for the Monarch and Springboard Preschool programs. Julie became a part of the leadership team in the Summer of 2018 with her current role.

 What means the most to Julie about working for SHED Children’s Campus is constantly finding ways to help children, families and staff feel valued, important and special throughout all of the connections we share.

Julie is also the Nutrition and Sustainability Coordinator at SHED Children’s Campus. 

5 Day Program

$ 1600 Per Month
  • 5 years old
  • 8:30 am - 4:15 pm

Important Additional Pricing Information

  • Yearly Facility Fee: $300 per child
  • Yearly Registration Fee: $75 per child
  • Schedule Adjustments: We must know 30 days in advance of any time off or schedule adjustments
  • Please note we cannot provide sibling discounts during this time.

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