The Process Matters & Can Be Delicious!

Posted November 5, 2017
By Shed Children's Campus

Today we were delighted to tour the Cavazoine balsamic vinaigrette factory in the hills of Reggio Emilia Italy. We began the journey in the rain on a bus. We later arrived at the top of the winding uphill roads to be blessed by parting clouds.! The beauty was clearly there for us to enjoy.

We were then lucky to be invited to learn about the history of the factory & the process of how the vinaigrette is made.

The steps & traditions of how the vinaigrette is made are so important. The process truly does makes all the difference.

This holds a special meaning in our work with children.

The vinaigrette is aged in barrels – each barrel in this battery of barrels comes from a different type of tree. This is done because the different types of trees lend a different flavor to the vinaigrette – each flavor vital to the best outcome of the vinaigrette – just as each & every individual child adds a distinct & vital flavor to the classroom.

The vinaigrette held in barrels is transferred from barrel to barrel in a circular process that enhances the flavor. Each time it transfers it takes the essence from one barrel & adds to the next – just as we hope each child is made more whole by shared experiences with each other & the community around them.

The process of balsamic vinaigrette takes time & hard work & love – to create the best possible flavor. The process of working alongside children should also take time & commitment & love. The essence of each & every child is beautiful & deserving of our best work.