The Three Chicks

Posted May 29, 2017
By dina


This blog was written by Ella Vidoni, Michael Smith and Mia Vidoni.  It awesome to read their observations of our newly hatched chicks.  The children have experienced first hand the cycle of the egg.

As you may know, we have baby chicks at Kid’s Club!!  There are three chicks named Fluffy, Abby and Rocky.  We do not know the genders of the chicks but we do know that a male chick has a dot on his head , but a female chick doesn’t.  Wbaby chickse are proud to say that they are growing wings.  Rocky:  Rocky is the youngest of the three.  Rocky isn’t the easiest chick to work with.  He/she is still adjusting to kids, but if you hold him for long enough, he will “relax”.  He/she tends to get dirty…….lets just say he/she likes rolling around in the pen.  Rocky is the smallest chick.  The wings aren’t fully grown, but we find it crazy that he/she thinks it can fly!  Fluffy:  Fluffy is the second oldest.  Surprisingly enough, Fluffy’s name gives him away because he/she LOVES to cuddle.  He/she is very calm around kids (unlike some other chicks.)  This chick is very fluffy and his feathers are really starting to sprout.  The chick likes to lie down in your hand when positioned right.  Abby:  Abby is the oldest and in the process of adjusting to the children (like us).  Abby may be the oldest but he/she is not the most mature.  He/she is usually the “chicken on the loose.”  You would expect the he/she would have the mother extinct being the oldest, but in pictures, he/she is the one farthest from the other chicks.  Overall, these chicks are a miracle.  They are so much fun (with a little work).  So, don’t be afraid to come down to The Nest and hold the baby chicks.  They are SO CUTE!!