Vacation Play at SHED Children’s Campus

Posted April 21, 2017
By dina

It is great to observe children in play.  Whether they are on a field trip, inside taking part in activities, outside participating in sports, heading into the woods or spending time with friends – play is their work.

Children need to play.  They learn from play.  They grow from play.  They become who they are or who they want to be through play.

During vacation we are lucky to observe children in play – all day long!    

We have watched them play basketball, create a movie, cuddle new baby chicks, create a life size maze in a classroom, turn a classroom into a museum, explore rocks & bones in a museum, solve puzzles as spies, create jewelry, design outdoor forts, giggle with friends, explore a wooded area, happily twirl in circles – just to name a few.

Thinking of these play moments, we know the children are:  learning to be part of a team – learning  to incorporate technology into story telling – learning to care for small creatures – learning to problem solve & design – learning to find beauty in nature – learning to create from their imagination – learning to construct & build – learning to be a friend – learning to be happy in secure in who they are!

So – we will continue to let the children play & they will continue to grow.