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Insight from staff members about the happenings at SHED Childrens Campus.

The Birth of a Field

Celebrating Michelle Seligson The Grassroots Leader of After School Programming Michelle (Micki) Seligson has been nationally recognized as a leader in afterschool and in childcare policy and practice. In 1978,

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Resources for Mental Health

We at SHED believe that self-care is essential. One of the pillars at SHED Children’s Campus is mindfulness, and one component of mindfulness is the practice of self-care. During the

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SCC 2019 Highlights

Looking back on a year is a wild ride. The time goes so fast but you realize just how many moments filled it. Before getting too far into 2020 we

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Can I Climb The Tree?

This question coming from a second grader gave me a moment of pause.  I am not a tree climber. I never climbed trees as a child. Was I the right

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Freedom to Choose Opportunities

Listening to the amazing women at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center speak with pride & passion about their work with children in Reggio Emilia is so inspiring! There is an

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The Art of Getting Dirty

  “Look at the mud pie I made!”, “Want to help me plant these seeds?” , “I wonder how high the sunflower we planted will grow?”, “Let’s climb this tree!”

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The Three Chicks

  This blog was written by Ella Vidoni, Michael Smith and Mia Vidoni.  It awesome to read their observations of our newly hatched chicks.  The children have experienced first hand the

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